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It's Easy to Make Our Pharmacy Your Pharmacy

The Boynton Health Pharmacy is ideal for the University community: from new students to University faculty, staff, and retirees. Patients can fill prescriptions, purchase over-the-counter medicines and health supplies, or consult with one of Boynton’s knowledgeable pharmacists on a prescription or other related question.

Students can make transitioning to college life easier by transferring their prescriptions to Boynton. Boynton’s convenient location behind Coffman Memorial Union and the Pharmacy’s low prices on drugs and medicine save you time and money.

Prescription Medicines and OTC Drugs

Boynton’s Pharmacy fills prescriptions at competitive prices—often lower than retail—and our over-the-counter items are priced lower than most pharmacies. The pharmacy also offers over-the-counter medicines, health and medical supplies, personal care items, and travel accessories. Medication therapy management services are also available to patients on request.

Refills and Transfers

Prescription refills and transfers may be ordered any time by calling 612-624-7655.

Transferring a prescription to Boynton’s pharmacy is quick and easy. Call us with your name, the prescription number, and the phone number of the pharmacy from which you would like to transfer the prescription. You can find this information on your current prescription label.

Please allow 24 hours for refills and transfers from other pharmacies.

U of MN Internal Department Orders

University of Minnesota departments can order medications from Boynton Pharmacy.

To place an order, you must:

  1. Review our Policies and Procedure
  2. Register to be eligible to place a department order (effective July 1, 2016).
  3. Download and complete a Boynton Pharmacy Department Order Request Form.
  4. Email order forms to or fax to 612-625-0951.
  5. For controlled substances, registered requestors must complete an authorized users signature log.

Questions about what is available to order? Costs? Quantities?
Please call Boynton Pharmacy at 612-624-7655 between 9–11:30 a.m.

Contact Us

612-624-7655 Information and Prescription Refills

Meet our staff

Meet the pharmacists

Hours and Locations

To view the pharmacy's service hours, see Hours and Locations.

Boynton Health Pharmacy
410 Church Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455


The Student Services Fee does not cover medications. Your health insurance co-payments (if any) are due at time of purchase. Easy payment options include cash, credit cards, personal checks, and charges to your student account.

Bike Gear and Yoga Supplies

The Boynton Health Pharmacy offers additional means to ensure your wellness. Bike safely by protecting yourself and your ride. The Pharmacy sells low-cost bike gear such as these (not including tax):

Our pharmacy also sells low-cost yoga mats for $14.95 that you can use at our free yoga and tai chi classes—held during fall and spring semesters.

Boynton Health

410 Church Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN, 55455

P: 612-625-8400 | F: 612-625-1434