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New Mental Health Peer Group Coming Soon!

Thank you for visiting SNAP's webpage. We are in the process of creating a new health promotion student group focusing on student stress and mental health issues, including alcohol and drug use, for fall 2014. At this point, we are not scheduling any "be-Wise-er" presentations.

Look for more information on this new student group soon!

If you are interested in joining the new group, contact Advisor Amanda Filtz at or 612-625-5917 for more information.

New Boynton Health Promotion Student Group Student Coordinators:
Samantha Barthelemy:
Sydnie Stackland:

About SNAP

SNAP, the Student Network for Abuse Prevention, is an organization of students educating peers about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use. Instead of telling our peers not to drink, we encourage them to make smarter choices about their drinking habits. SNAP peer educators work to decrease high-risk behaviors and consequences associated with alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse within the University of Minnesota community by providing students with the tools to "be-WISE-er" about their alcohol consumption.

Join SNAP!

We're always looking for new members. Come help us educate students on
alcohol, tobacco, and other drug issues.


SNAP encourages peers to "be-WISE-er" when making choices about alcohol through an interactive and educational program.

SNAP peer educators, a group of dynamic and knowledgeable facilitators, are ready to present the "be-WISE-er" program to your group! Goals and objectives for this presentation are:

Alcohol and Legal Consequences

Legal consequences related to alcohol use can result in some serious problems, especially for college students. Learn more here.

Know Your BAC

0.02 “Feelin’ good.”
Effects: euphoric, social, talkative, fewer inhibitions

0.08 “You’re not driving.”
Effects: excited, emotional, less rational, slowed reactions

0.15 “Where did that come from?”
Effects: confusion, impaired balance, slurred speech, nausea

0.20 “I feel sick.”
Effects: vomiting, severe motor impairment, blackouts

0.30 “I’m going to pass out.”
Effects: loss of consciousness, onset of coma, possible death due to respiratory arrest

0.40 RIP.
Effects: decreased breathing and heart rate, 50% probability of death due to respiratory arrest or cardiac failure

Sources: NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), NIAAA (National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism)

Learn more about Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) here.


SNAP was awarded the 2009 Outstanding Undergraduate Campus Life Program by University of Minnesota Student Unions and Activities as part of their Tony Diggs Excellence Awards. Our alcohol education program "be-WISE-er" was recognized as an Outstanding Alcohol Education Program at the 2006 BACCHUS General Assembly, a national peer education conference. The program also received an Innovation Award at the 2006 Tony Diggs Excellence Awards from the Student Unions and Activities Office.

SNAP Alcohol Poisoning Prevention Video

The video above demonstrates how to help someone with alcohol poisoning by performing the Bacchus Maneuver. Click the CC button on the video player to turn on/off closed captioning.

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Contact Us

SNAP Office

Amanda Filtz, Advisor


SNAP meets weekly on Wednesdays 6–7 p.m. in room W120 at Boynton's East Bank Clinic

Meet Our Staff

Meet the SNAP Coordinators


Be the Everyday Hero: Sexual Assault Prevention
Be the Everyday Hero: Take the Keys
Be the Everyday Hero: Binge Drinking


SNAP members educate students in fun and interactive ways through tabling, coordinating events for national campaigns, and presenting our interactive alcohol education program “be-WISE-er” to residence halls, Greek houses, and other organizations. Our mission is to prevent abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among the University of Minnesota student population. Our goals are to:


Joining SNAP is a great opportunity to work alongside students with a similar passion for health. SNAP welcomes students of all backgrounds and interests. Members gain valuable leadership and communication skills as well as in-depth knowledge of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. SNAP provides resumé building experiences and opportunities to network.

The time commitment is entirely up to you! SNAP has weekly meetings lasting up to one hour. Students unable to attend can still participate in SNAP by helping out peer educators during national campaign weeks or by co-facilitating our educational programs throughout the year.

If you would like more information about SNAP send us an e-mail at We welcome questions, and we're always looking for new members!


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