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Gopher Chauffeur: Free, Safe Rides Home

The Gopher Chauffeur is a free transportation service that promotes safety in the campus community by providing University of Minnesota students with safe rides home.

We operate from 10:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. The service is open to all University of Minnesota-Twin Cities students. Gopher Chauffeur drivers, navigators, and dispatchers are hired by Boynton Health. All employees are University of Minnesota-Twin Cities students who are CPR certified and trained in first aid.

Pick Up

Call: 612-388-6911

To schedule a pick-up, call the Gopher Chauffeur 30 minutes before your preferred pick-up time (sorry, no text messages!).

Gopher Chauffeur will pick students up from the following locations: West Bank, areas immediately surrounding West Bank (Grand Marc, Seven Corners), Dinkytown, Marcy Park, Como, East Bank, Stadium Village, St. Paul Campus, and anything between East Bank and St. Paul campuses.

While you’re waiting for the Gopher Chauffeur to pick you up, please stay in a building or in a well-lit area. The Gopher Chauffeur dispatcher will give the navigator your phone number, and the navigator will call you when the Gopher Chauffeur arrives at your pick-up location.

Drop Off

The Gopher Chauffeur will drop students off at residences on or near the west bank, east bank, and St. Paul campuses and Uptown Minneapolis. View the Gopher Chauffeur boundaries map.


Is the Gopher Chauffeur wheelchair accessible?
Yes. Just ask for the wheelchair accessible van when calling for a ride.

Will the Gopher Chauffeur drive me from my residence to a bar or a house party? No! Gopher Chauffeur provides safe rides home.

Can I eat while in the Gopher Chauffeur? No, please do not bring food or beverages other than water into the Gopher Chauffeur. We want to keep the vans clear and critter free.

Will the drivers take music requests? This is up to the navigator! As long is it does not create a distraction, some navigators may let you choose the music.

Do I have any other transportation options? These resources are good transportation options if the Gopher Chauffeur is busy.

Transportation and Safety Resources

Campus Escorts–Free walking and biking security escorts to and from campus locations and nearby adjacent neighborhoods for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors (612-624-WALK)

Campus Connector–Provides direct bus service between the St. Paul, East Bank, and West Bank campuses approximately every five to 20 minutes from 7:00 a.m. through 2 a.m., depending on the time of day and academic year

Metro Transit


The Gopher Chauffeur is sponsored by Boynton Health, the Minnesota Student Association, the Office for Student Affairs, Parking and Transportation Services, Housing and Residential Life, the Interfraternal Council, and the Panhellenic Council. Gopher Chauffeur sponsors are committed to promoting the safety of University of Minnesota students.

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Contact Us

To schedule a pick up call 612-388-6911 30 minutes before your preferred pick-up time (sorry, no texts!).

For information, contact Julie Sanem, Advisor
(612) 624-1940,


Gopher Chauffeur: Off the Streets Until Fall

Have a safe summer.

Summer 2017
The Gopher Chauffeur does not operate during the summer.

We Want Your Feedback

Do you have feedback on your Gopher Chauffeur experience? Then please tell us. Just complete this anonymous survey. It only takes a minute.


2008 Rookie Campus Life Program, and 2014 People's Choice Award, presented by the University of Minnesota Student Unions and Activities, as part of their Tony Diggs Excellence Awards.


If you are interested in working for the Gopher Chauffeur, please contact Julie Sanem at
(612) 624-1940,

Even it if means working until 2:30, Gopher Chauffeur employees make sure U of M students get home safely!!

Gopher Chauffeur Facebook logo

Gopher Chauffeur Facebook logo

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