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Welcome Parents!

Information for Parents

Welcome to Boynton Health

Even though they may not be on campus, parents are a vital part of the University of Minnesota community. Your students may be leaving home, but rest assured they will not be without the comforts of home. Boynton Health, the University of Minnesota's on-campus medical clinic, strives to cover all your students' essential health needs, if they're coming from over the river or around the world.

Boynton offers a wide variety of services including:

In addition, Boynton works with students on their preventative health care, chronic care management, financial counseling, transfer of care, and more.

Boynton works closely with the University's Parent Program to ensure new and returning students are academically fit to succeed.

From the first day of class until graduation day, we're here for U.

Checklist for incoming students

What students (and their parents) need to do before classes start.

The University of Minnesota and Boynton Health maintain rigorous care standards for themselves to prevent spread of disease and to ensure all students receive quality care when needed. To that end, they require that all students are enrolled under a health insurance coverage plan, and that they receive key immunizations.

1. Obtain health plan coverage.
The University of Minnesota requires all students to have health plan coverage who are 1) admitted to a degree program, and 2) registered for six or more credits per semester that count toward the automatic assessment of the Student Services Fee. Boynton sees all student patients, regardless of their type of health care coverage. For students currently without health care coverage, the Office of Student Health Benefits offers several health plans that may be suitable, including the Student Health Benefit Plan.

2. Know immunization requirements.
The University of Minnesota requires students born after 1956 to obtain the following immunizations:

Keep in mind that Academic Health Center (AHC) students and international students have additional immunization requirements. Students may receive these at Boynton, or present documentation listing they've had them. If students do not have documentation, Boynton is able to test that immunizations occurred.

AHC students who do not complete these immunization requirements will not be able to register for classes. All other students will be allowed to register for their first semester of classes, but must complete their immunization requirements before registering for their second semester of classes.

3. Transfer medical records and prescriptions to your new location, if necessary.
Avoid frustrating delays getting a prescription refilled by being one step ahead. Contact the Boynton Pharmacy to set this up.

If students would like Boynton Health to have their medical record on hand before their first visit, they should complete and submit an Authorization for the Release of Health Information, for Primary Care, for international students' Primary Care, Mental Health, or Dental Care. This is not required. This is most commonly used by patients with a chronic condition who would like the clinic to be aware of their condition prior to their first visit. Students may also call either Boynton's Patient Assistance or Health Information Management departments for assistance.

4. Prepare for campus life.
Studying at the U can bring with it great new opportunities—but also some new problems. Boynton offers a number of services to help students adjust to college life, such as:


We welcome you and your students into the University of Minnesota family. Please contact us with any questions and concerns. Here at Boynton Health, we're here for U—and your students!

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