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Immunization Information

If you need to meet immunization requirements to satisfy work or educational policies, Boynton is here for you. If you want to be vaccinated for health reasons or to travel internationally, we can help with that too.

Vaccination Requirements

U of M students must meet certain vaccination requirements. Boynton Health tracks immunizations records for the U, and we can help you meet those requirements too.

Immunization Clinic

Our Immunization Clinic can help you meet U of M immunization requirements, and vaccinate you to avoid many common and uncommon illnesses.

International Travel Clinic

If you will be travelling outside the U.S. to study abroad, or for a vacation, you would be well-advised to first visit our International Travel Clinic. Our providers offer consultations and vaccinations to avoid diseases and enjoy your travels.


Boynton Health is a member of the ImmuLink immunization registry.

Boynton Health

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