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Student Services Fee

Student Services Fees enable Boynton Health to provide public health and health promotion services, and help subsidize the cost of care at Boynton that may not be covered by your health insurance plan.

The Student Services Fee benefits only apply to care at Boynton Health if a student has active health plan coverage. The Student Services Fee benefit does not apply to visits at University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview, Hennepin County Medical Center, or any other facility. Be sure to check with your health plan regarding coverage for care provided at another location.

After billing your health insurance and applying your Student Services Fee to the cost of your visit, you can expect most Boynton services at no additional out-of-pocket cost — with some exceptions:

Please note, students enrolled in the University-sponsored Graduate Assistant Health Plan will incur a copayment for services.

See the billing basics page for more details.

University of Minnesota Student Insurance Requirement

By requiring students to have health plan coverage, the University ensures that all students have access to medical care and can maintain good health, which is essential for academic success.

All students who are 1) admitted to a degree program, and 2) registered for six or more credits per semester (or three or more credits during summer term) that count towards the automatic assessment of the Student Services Fee, are required by the University of Minnesota to have health plan coverage. Students who meet both of these criteria are automatically enrolled in the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan. Students may choose to waive the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan by providing proof of enrollment in an alternative Eligible Health Plan.

The University also requires all international students and their dependents to purchase the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan unless they are eligible for a waiver. International scholars visiting the University for more than 31 days are also required to enroll in the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan. Scholars who will be at the University for 31 days or less may choose not to enroll in the University-sponsored Student Health Benefit Plan, but are required to carry their own health plan coverage for the duration of their visit to the University (must meet J-1 U.S. Federal regulation requirements).

Office of Student Health Benefits

The Office of Student Health Benefits offers affordable health, dental, and other benefits for eligible University of Minnesota students, graduate assistants, residents, fellows, and interns.

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