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Employment Opportunities

Since 1918, Boynton Health Service – formerly the University Health Service – has strived to fulfill its mission statement: "Healthy People, Healthy University, Healthy Community."

Boynton is now seeking qualified candidates to help meet its mission. Boynton Health Service is a full-service medical clinic with offices on the East Bank of the Minneapolis campus and on the St. Paul campus. Boynton Health Service employs over 300 providers, health care professionals, and other staff members.

Please review our current job openings:

Job ID 306043 Communications Associate
Job ID 306046 Building and Grounds Supervisor
Job ID 306024 Pharmacist
Job ID 305916 Student Admin/Support Services
Job ID 305037 Yoga Instructor
Job ID 300363 Gynecologist/Assistant Director, Women's Health
Job ID 304053 Principal Accounts Specialist
Job ID 304294 Temporary Medical Laboratory Technician
Job ID 302133 Optometric Assistant
Job ID 302267 On-Call Registered Nurse

Apply Online

You can apply online for the jobs listed above at the University of Minnesota Job Center's website.

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Boynton Health Service

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