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Urgent Care

The Urgent Care Clinic provides timely treatment for medical conditions that require immediate attention.

Boynton Urgent Care is not an emergency room. Call 911 if your condition is life-threatening.


Patients arriving to the clinic with more serious conditions are our priority; otherwise, service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Common conditions that are seen in Urgent Care include:

Wait times depend on the severity of your needs. You may be asked to make an appointment if your condition is not urgent.

The clinic is staffed by providers specializing in urgent care.

Where Should I Be Seen?

If you are uncertain which clinic (Urgent Care, Gopher Quick Clinic, or Primary Care Clinic) fits your needs, call the 24-hour Medical Information Nurse phone line at 612-625-7900. Urgent Care is best for patients with recent conditions that are more severe in nature.

Consider the Gopher Quick Clinic for fast and convenient care for conditions that are less severe and have lasted fewer than three weeks.

Consider the Primary Care Clinic for non-urgent conditions or acute conditions that are not severe. The Primary Care Clinic also provides preventive health care, care of more chronic medical conditions, ongoing medication needs, non-urgent treatment, and continuity of care. Establishing a relationship with a Primary Care provider who knows you results in the highest quality of ongoing medical care.

The Women's Clinic can see female patients of any age for reproductive issues, including bladder and vaginal infection checks, STI screenings, and more.

24-Hour Medical Information Nurse

If you are unsure what type of service you need, call the 24-Hour Medical Information Nurse Phone Line at 612-625-7900.

Who can be seen at Boynton Urgent Care?



See the Billing Basics section of our website for details.

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Hours and Locations

To view the clinic's service hours, see Hours and Locations.

Urgent Care Clinic
Boynton Health
410 Church Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Please visit our After Hours Care page for where to go when Boynton is closed.

Boynton Health

410 Church Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN, 55455

P: 612-625-8400 | F: 612-625-1434