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Painful feelings such as anxiety, anger, depression, low self-esteem, and tension are a normal part of being human and can affect anyone. Sometimes these feelings are temporary and can be eased by rest, relaxation, exercise, good nutrition, and support of trusted friends. At other times, stressors, relationships, or past family experiences cannot be managed so easily and become overwhelming. When this happens, and you find it hard to function, you may want to seek professional help.

Boynton’s staff of psychiatrists, licensed psychologists, and licensed independent clinical social workers provide a variety of counseling options. Services available include individual and couple counseling and psychotherapy (up to ten visits per year for one or in combination), medication assessment and management, urgent consultation (phone or in person), a variety of group therapies, social work assistance, and chemical health assessment and treatment.

Up to eleven counseling visits per 12-month period are offered at Boynton’s Mental Health Clinic. These are by appointment and the first appointment needs to be made in person. There is no limitation to the number of medication management visits.

For follow up appointments or more information, call 612-624-1444.

At the first meeting, you and a counselor will work together to assess your needs, clarify your concerns, and devise a plan for helpful service. Sometimes the most appropriate help for you will mean that you need services other than those that the Mental Health Clinic is able to offer. If this is so, the counselor will work to help you find services elsewhere to address your problems.


The Mental Health Clinic at Boynton is open to full-time, degree-seeking students who pay the mandatory Student Services Fee and graduate assistants who are enrolled in the Graduate Assistant Health Plan. During summer semester, students who did not pay the Student Services Fee during summer term can be seen at the clinic if they were registered as fee-paying students during spring semester.


See the Student Services Fee section of our website for details.

Urgent Mental Health Consultation

We have a therapist who is available on an urgent basis for consultation. There are several ways to access this individual. Call the direct line for the Urgent Mental Health Consultation at 612-625-8475. If the counselor is available, the phone will be answered directly. If the counselor is busy or seeing another student, please leave a message. The line is confidential. Include your phone number and best time to reach you. On occasion, calls cannot be responded to immediately but every effort will be made to respond by the end of the day or within 24 hours. The urgent counseling phone line is available 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except when the University is closed. Upon speaking with a counselor, it will be determined if the phone consultation is sufficient or if an appointment should be scheduled. Referral to service in the community may also occur.

Another option is to come directly to the Mental Health Clinic during regular clinic hours at Boynton and let the staff know you want to be seen on an urgent basis. If our counselor is available, you will be seen at that time. If not, the counselor will be called to triage your particular situation and find another time that you can be seen. We will make every attempt to see you that day or within 24 hours if your concern cannot wait for a regular scheduled therapy appointment. Medication is not prescribed on an urgent basis. We will do our best to arrange for you to have a medical assessment in our first available time slot.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

Emergency Care When Boynton is Closed

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911. For after-hours phone counseling, you may call Crisis Connection: 612-301-4673 or text "UMN" to 61222 for text counseling. When Boynton is closed, you can call or be seen at a community crisis facility, such as:

Hennepin County Acute Psychiatric Services and University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview Riverside Campus charge fees for their services. Clients who use these services in person may incur charges.

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Mental Health Clinic
612-624-1444 Information and Appointments

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To view the clinic's service hours, see Hours and Locations.

Meet our staff

Meet the Mental Health Clinic providers


Intake Assessment Form (PDF)
Please complete this form and bring it with you to Boynton's Mental Health Clinic in order to schedule your first appointment.

Release of Information Form (PDF)
If you would like to authorize another person to have access to your Mental Health Clinic medical records, please complete this form and turn it in to the Mental Health Clinic check-in-desk.

Group Therapy Sessions

Boynton offers a number of therapy groups concerning: relationship and social confidence building; alcohol, anxiety and eating disorder awareness; managing emotions; and increasing mindfulness.

ADHD Treatment

Boynton's Mental Health Clinic offers treatment for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) for students. Review our ADHD informational page to see what Boynton can do for you.

Online Therapy

Online therapy may help you manage symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. This alternative to in-person therapy offers you safe, secure support from trained mental health staff.

To learn more about this program and how to sign up online please contact one of the following offices. No in person appointment is required.

Student Counseling Services
612-624-3323 |

Boynton Mental Health Clinic

International Student and Scholar Services
612-626-7100 |

Eating Disorder Services

The University of Minnesota offers confidential, specialized help to students with eating disorders. This includes mental health care, medical care, and nutrition assessments at Boynton. Group therapy is offered through the Boynton's Mental Health Clinic's Eating Disorder Group. In addition, referrals to outside resources can be provided by Boynton Health Service as needed.

Eating Disorder Assessment
You can begin the process of initiating care by visiting Boynton's Mental Health Clinic to set up an “Eating Disorder Assessment” appointment. This initial assessment appointment must be made in person. Call 612-625-8475 for more information. If you have already talked with a provider at Boynton about getting help with an eating disorder, that provider can help direct you to the appropriate next step.

Medical Consultation
Eating disorders may lead to other medical problems. Your treatment at Boynton includes meeting with a Primary Care provider who will determine your physical stability and provide follow-up care if needed. Call 612-625-3222 to schedule a "40 Minute Medical Consultation" with a member of the eating disorder team.

Nutrition Consultation
Another part of your treatment at Boynton is to talk with a nutritionist who can provide individualized nutrition counseling. Call 612-625-3222 to schedule a “Nutrition Consultation” with a nutritionist who will help you determine your best care options.

Other Mental Health Resources

The Provost's Committee on Student Mental Health website is an online resource for students, their parents, faculty, and staff who wish to learn more about mental health and related resources at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities.

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