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International Travel Clinic

Boynton's International Travel Clinic is an officially designated travel immunization center of the University of Minnesota. The clinic provides adult travel consultations, immunizations, International Certificates of Vaccination, and other health-related travel information for members of the University and the general public. Phone consultations are not provided at this time.

The Immunization Travel Clinic recommends you schedule your Travel Consult (see below) for 6–8 weeks before your trip. Some immunizations are given in a series. Live vaccines must be given on the same day or separated by four weeks.

What immunizations do you need for travel to other countries? Much depends on your personal health history, immunization history, and the risk of illness in the areas you plan to visit.

Travel Consult

Boynton's Immunization Travel Clinic offers Travel Consults for those planning to travel abroad.

Preparation for your Travel Consult:

Live vaccines are contraindicated during pregnancy due to theoretical risk of harm to the fetus. Sexually active women should practice careful contraception for at least 2 weeks prior to receiving a live vaccine and for four weeks after receiving it (e.g., MMR, Varicella, and Yellow Fever). See birth control for more information about contraceptive methods.

Please inform your healthcare provider if you are pregnant, currently attempting to become pregnant, or uncertain if you might be pregnant. If there is any chance you might be pregnant, do not receive a live vaccine.

Insurance Coverage

We recommend calling your insurance company to learn where you should go for travel vaccinations, and to find out if you will need a referral. Full-time students who have health insurance and pay the Student Services Fee receive their Travel Consult without further charge. Immunizations may be billed: check with your insurance provider.

Make an Appointment

Call 612-625-3222 to schedule an appointment.

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Hours and Locations

To view the clinic's service hours, see Hours and Locations.


Boynton Health is a member of the ImmuLink immunization registry.

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