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Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and Chemical Health Services

Boynton Health provides individual alcohol and chemical health counseling services tailored toward each person's unique situation. Boynton also provides educational classes, comprehensive assessments, and health promotion consultations pertaining to the chemical health of students. These services satisfy a wide range of academic and legal requirements. Below you will find additional information about each service and how you can schedule an appointment with a chemical health counselor. To learn more, call 612-624-1444.

Chemical Health Assessment

This comprehensive bio-psycho-social assessment includes an exploration of all life areas.

For more information, call the Boynton's Mental Health Clinic at 612-624-1444.

The assessment appointment must be made in person at the Mental Health Clinic. You can fill out the intake forms ahead of time or fill them when you make your appointment.

DWI and Alcohol Awareness Class

Boynton's DWI and Alcohol Awareness class is designed for students who have received a DWI or underage drinking citation. This class, along with any recommended counseling, generally fulfills probationary requirements.

Throughout the class, participants will discuss a variety of issues, including how alcohol affects the body and driving performance, levels of alcohol consumption, consequences of alcohol misuse and abuse, strategies to make healthier decisions, and what factors into a person's decision to drink.

Classes range from four to 10 participants and consist of students from the University of Minnesota and other colleges and universities. The class is usually offered twice a semester.

At the beginning of the class, participants will be asked to complete a Release of Information form that asks for the name and address of the individual who needs to be notified about their participation in the class. Only the person identified will be notified of their participation.

Cost of the class ranges from $65 to $95 depending on your University of Minnesota student status. Payment must be made prior to attending the class. The facilitator will ask to see the payment receipt. For more information, call 612-625-1940. To sign up, call 612-625-3222.

Health Promotion Consultation

Health promotion consultations are meant to explore a student's current chemical health decisions and how they may correlate with negative or positive consequences experienced. Students are often referred to participate in a Health Promotion Consultation following a violation of the University's alcohol and drug policy. Students are welcome to schedule a Health Promotion Consultation if they have any concerns regarding their chemical health and/or want to further explore their chemical health. A student can also schedule a consultation if they have concerns regarding their friend's chemical health. Key things to keep in mind are:

For more information call Boynton Health at 612-625-3222.

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