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Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

University and Community Resources

Residential hall programs, student organizations, Peer Health Promotion, and community networks are a few resources that can help you get connected with other students, faculty, and staff, to build positive relationships and gain emotional support.


Studnet Counseling Services (SCS) offers counseling, classes, workshops, and consultation services to University students, faculty and staff.

Hall Programs

Residental hall programs are a way get involved in your peer community—and a great way to meet new people and learn leadership skills.

Peer Health Groups Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Students Off Booze Enjoying Recovery (SOBER) is an organization of students recovering from drug and alcohol addiction and their friends who are allies in the recovery movement. Reach out and have some SOBER fun!

Student Groups

Find a student group that fits one of your interests and get involved in the campus community!

Community Resources

Minnesota Recovery Connection (MRC) is made up of individuals, families, and entire communities seeking recovery. We are your neighbor, friend, brother, daughter; we are your boss, your student, your politician, your co-worker; we are those who have struggled with our own addictions; and we are those who have known, loved, cared for, or lived with an addict.

MRC offers hope and help for recovery, for those who need it, for those who want it, and for those who can give it. Find a support group that fits you.

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Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
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