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Party Planning Guide

Parties can be a fun and bonding college experience. Don't let your memories be tainted with negative consequences or embarrassing stories. Here are some resources for planning a safe and worry-free party.

Party smart

Be safe at the next party or at the bar.

Stop a friend from driving drunk.

Party guide for hosts

Designate a sober host to answer the phone and door and to handle unruly guests or the police.

Tell your neighbors you're having a party and give them a phone number to call if there is a problem so you can deal with it before the police need to get involved.

Check your lease to make sure parties are not prohibited by your landlord. If police are called about an unruly party, the landlord is often notified.

Keep the noise down and keep people inside. If police are driving by and there are a lot of people outside, that is a reason for them to stop. Excessive noise is often the reason people call the cops to report a party.

Limit the number of people and keep track of who is at your party. Have a guest list, request that people enter and exit through one door, and lock your valuables.

Check IDs if you're serving alcohol, and consider having a separate room for alcohol where only those 21+ can enter. If people under 21 are drinking, you could be liable under the Social Host Ordinance.

Don't let anyone drink and drive. Plan to have cab numbers available or to let people stay the night.

Check out the Student and Community Relations' Party Hosting brochure, and the City of Minneapolis Social Host Ordinance Fact Sheet, or the City of St. Paul Social Host Ordinance Fact Sheet.


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